What are you doing when you are not getting treatment?

There are 168 hours in a week. You may get treated 1 hour per week or every 2 weeks. Learn ways to continue your therapy at home. Inside you will find videos which guide you though stretches for your common areas of pain. Learn how to use tools such as wedges and the 4" ball to resolve your pain. Be empowered in your healing.

Why Do You Need Home Exercises?

*Your back flared up after golfing on Saturday and you can't get an appointment for treatment on the weekend.

*You need to travel out of town are fear that your pelvis may "go out."

*You need a refresher on how to use the treatment tools.

*You want to know what to do when your therapy ends and you are ON YOUR OWN.

Use of Wedges

Neck & Back Stretches

Ball Smash

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Do your Daily Stretches